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Established in 2002, Ubbink Book and Paper Conservation’s provides professional services to heritage institutions, art and antiquarian dealers, galleries, auction houses, collectors, and genealogists. Our experienced conservators outline both necessary and esthetic treatment options, prepare conservation treatment reports, carry out photographic documentation and offer recommendations for future storage and handling of the artifact. Working in a clean, climate-controlled environment the security, safety, integrity and value of your treasures is of the utmost importance to us.

Experts in preservation and preventative conservation, Ubbink Book and Paper Conservation’s consultation services identify and prioritize risks to artifacts outlining pragmatic solutions for mitigating deterioration resulting in a solid framework for preservation ensuring the longevity of collections. Our workshops and lectures for heritage professionals, volunteers, and the general public impart a practical knowledge of preventative conservation with immediately applicable skills.


Kyla Ubbink – Owner/Professionally Accredited Conservator

Kyla Ubbink began her career through an internship with the Library and Archive Canada’s conservation laboratories in 2000 and subsequent contract positions through to 2005.  Operating a private conservation studio since 2002, Mrs. Ubbink’s work has been integral to the collections of the Canadian War Museum, Canadian Museum of Natural History, Bank of Canada Archives, Ontario Office of the Surveyor General, Parks Canada, Foreign Affairs Canada, Library of Parliament, Privy Council, and numerous university, archive, rare book, and art gallery collections. Mrs. Ubbink obtained professional accreditation through the Canadian Association for Professional Conservators in 2010, has served on the board of directors of the Canadian Association for the Conservation of Cultural Property and has been a part time professor of Cultural Preservation for Algonquin College’s Archives and Records Management Program since 2007.  She frequently provides lectures and workshops on preservation and conservation for professional conferences, has published several academic articles and recently served on a Canadian Standards Review Board to update the standard for Permanent Paper.

2007 – Present – Part-time Professor at Algonquin College, “Preservation: Principles and Practice” for the Archives and Records Management Program.

2017 – Speaker for CAC Conference, “Adapting Schweidler: Upgrading Historic Paper Restoration with Modern Methods”

2017 – Speaker for Ontario Genealogical Society of Ontario Conference, “Conserving Canada”

2017 – Workshop presenter for Ontario Genealogical Society of Ontario Conference,Keeping the Past for the Present and Future: Preservation Techniques for the Home Archive”

2016 – Speaker for BIFHSGO conference, Workshop: “Keeping the Past for the Present and Future: Preservation Techniques for the Home Archive”

2016 – Poster Presentation AIC/CAC Conference in Montreal, “Curing the Cure: Treatment of a Manuscript Disinfected Post TB Exposure”, attended conference

2015 – Published article “Prescription Conservation: A Preventative and Post Remedy for User of Maps” in ACMLA Bulletin Fall 2015.

2015 – Speaker for CARTO, annual conference of the Canadian Map Libraries and Archives Association. “Prescription Conservation: A Preventative and Post Remedy for User of Maps”

2015 – Attended CAC/ACCR Conference

2015 – Served on the Canadian Standards Review Board for Paper Permanence

2014 – Authored pamphlet “Preserving Family Archives”, available through GlobalGenealogy.com.

2013 –  Attended  Workshop “Display Cases: Preservation, Sustainability, and Design” hosted by Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI/ICC)

2013 – Attended “Digital Forensics” Workshop,  hosted by the CAC/ACCR

2013 –  Attended CAC/ACCR Conference

2013 – Speaker at Ottawa Genealogy 2013 Conference, “Restorations of Biblical Proportions”, hosted by the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society.

2013 – present – Served as three years as Treasurer  for the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society. Currently serving as member-at-large.

2012 – Speaker for CAC/ACCR Annual Conference 2012, “From Axe To Micro Spatula: Em’Bark’ing on a Treatment”

2012 – Speaker/presented workshop for the British Isle Family History Society of Greater Ottawa Annual Conference.

2011 – Attended Canadian Conservation Institute Symposium: “Adhesives and Consolidants”

2011 – Attended in Print Making Workshop, hosted by the CAC/ACCR

2011 – Attended CAC/ACCR Conference, organized AGM

2010 – Authored article “Protect Those Precious Papers”, Family Chronicle, pp23-24 March/April 2010

2010 -2012 – Severed as Secretary and then Treasurer for the Executive Board of the Canadian Association for the  Conservation of Cultural Property

2010 – Accredited with the Canadian Association for Professional Conservators

2010 – Volunteered with CAC/ACCR Conference Planning Committee organizing tours and the public outreach event “Arti-FACTS”, and attended CAC/ACCR Conference

2008 – Attended CAC/ACCR Conference

2008 – Present – Provides Preservation Consultation Services for national and municipal heritage institutions, educational libraries, and rare book collections

2006 – Attended CAC/ACCR (Canadian Association for Conservation of Cultural Property) Conference

2006 – Present   –Provides workshops and lectures for heritage professionals, genealogy conferences and community groups.

2005 – Present – Operating Ubbink Book and Paper Conservation on a full time basis ,providing services for heritage institutions, art and antiquarian dealers, galleries, frame shops, and collectors. A few of the institutions Mrs. Ubbink  has provided services for include the United Nations, the Canadian Museum of Nature, Library of Parliament, the City of Ottawa Archives, the Ottawa Jewish Archives, the Canadian War Museum, the Bank of Canada Archives, Upper Canada Village, the University of Ottawa, the Canadian Agriculture Rare Book Library, the Office of the Surveyor General of Ontario, and the Jules Leger Library at Foreign Affairs Canada.

2004 – Co-authored article “Preserving Letterpress Copybooks” Canadian Association for Conservation Journal, pp 38-45, Fall 2004

2002 – Began taking on private commissions between contracts and building Ubbink Book and Paper Conservation

2002 – Received Library and Archives Canada Professionalism Award

2002-2005 – Fulfilled contracts as a Conservation Assistant, and then as a Conservator with the Library and Archives Canada in the Stabilization Unit, Book Laboratory and Maps and Manuscripts Laboratory. Attended and participated in the following workshops: Mould Recognition and Remediation 2000; Historic Sewing Styles 2002; The History of Book Cloth 2002; Iron Gall Ink 2002; Disaster Planning and Recovery 2002; Conservation Binding 2003; Sketch Books and Albums Symposium 2003; Symposium 2006

2001 – Received Ontario Museum Association Student Award

2001 – Graduated with Diploma in Applied Museum Studies, Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology

2000- 2001 Interned with Library and Archives Canada’s Preservation Services Unit and was hired on a contractual basis.


Ubbink Book and Paper Conservation employs assistant conservators, technicians and administration staff as needed. Currently we are pleased to have Peter Turton working as our Digital Restoration expert. Peter is a retired professional photographer and photographic restorer who is enjoying the challenge and intrigue of what can be accomplished with digital photo-editing programs.