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After Treatment:


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A flood caused staining a weakening in this Serigraph print of Warhol's 'SAS Passenger Ticket', and in the race to save it from complete disintegration, many tears and losses were created. Washing in repeated baths of carbon filtered water reduced the tidemark stains, which was followed by careful repair of the tears with Japanese paper adhered with wheat starch paste and in-filling of the lost material.  

Warhol Chinese Wall hanging
Sketch by Red Skelton; Flood Damage Serigraph Print “Spring Break Up” by Jessie Oonark; Flood Damaged
Mouldy Print, “Colour and Glass II” Mouldy Book “Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers” by Aytoun, 1863
Photograph caught in fire and covered by soot WWII Honour Roll Certificate from the South Mountain Methodist Church