Conservation and Restoration Services

Physically and chemically stabilize damage and halt deterioration through conservation treatments that preserve the artifact and return strength ensuring longevity and usability. Combine restoration with conservation treatments to renew the aesthetic appearance of an artifact while still maintaining integrity and value.

We work with you to choose the best course of treatment meeting the needs of the artifact, as well as, the expectations of the owner. Through discussion regarding the history, use and intent of the artifact, coupled with examination and testing, a plan for treatment is developed and agreed upon along with a quoted price. Every project is accompanied by a pre-treatment condition report of the artifact(s), a proposed treatment, a treatment report and high resolution digital photographic documentation.

Art on Paper (Water colour paintings, pastel, sketches, etc.)

Books and Family Bibles

Contemporary/Modern Books

Documents and Manuscripts,

Fine Art Prints (Intaglio, woodblock/woodcut, serigraph, cyanotype/copy  process, lithograph, etc.),

MapsPhilatelic artifacts (Stamps, letters, envelopes, postcards)


Posters (movie, advertising, propaganda, etc.)

3 Dimensional Paper Artifacts (packaging materials, boxes, globes, fans, lampshades, etc.)