Applying conservation and restoration treatment to clean, brighten, chemically stabilize and physically repair maps preserves the paper while maintaining a historic appearance. Combining conservation with restoration treatment returns the item to a near new state. Treatments for maps include but are not limited to:

  • Cleaning, washing, removal of dirt and brightening

  • Reduction and reversal of discolouration and stains due to foxing, water/tidemarks, light exposure, acidic framing materials and other sources

  • Removal of old repairs, acidic backing boards, and reversal of detrimental mounting techniques

  • Repair of tears, reduction/removal of creases, and loss compensation

  • Returning suppleness through humidification or aqueous treatment

  • Chemical stabilization and neutralization of products of deterioration

  • In-painting of lost media, re-colouring and hand colouring with respect to historical integrity.

  • Preventative care through the construction of custom enclosures or returning to original frames with acid-free materials and UV filtering glass.

Before and After Treatment Examples