Works of Art on Paper

Restoration of watercolour, pastel and oil paintings on paper, sketches and drawings.

Respecting the artist’s intent that their artwork be aesthetically pleasing and not obscured by discolorations or physical disfigurement, conservation treatments are combined with restoration treatment to stabilize the art and return it to original appearance. Treatments for works of art on paper include but are not limited to:

  • Cleaning, washing, removal of dirt and brightening

  • Reduction and reversal of discolouration and stains due to foxing, water/tidemarks, light exposure, acidic framing materials and other sources

  • Removal of old repairs, acidic backing boards, and reversal of detrimental mounting techniques

  • Repair of tears, reduction/removal of creases, and loss compensation

  • Returning suppleness through humidification or aqueous treatment

  • Chemical stabilization and neutralization of products of deterioration

  • In-painting of lost media.

  • Preventative care through the construction of custom enclosures or returning to original frames with acid-free materials and UV filtering glass.

Before and After Treatment Examples