Preventative conservation is key to saving archival, rare book, art and heritage collections. From collection assessments and surveys to designing customized preservation plans, we provide professional advice and practical solutions that ensure the longevity of your cultural heritage.

Collection assessments and surveys

Whether artifacts are going out on loan, about to be exhibited, disaster has struck, or deterioration is accelerating, assessments and surveys document the current state of the collection. Identify common problems, causes and rate of deterioration, required treatment actions and gather invaluable insurance information.

Preservation planning

A customized document outlining the Collections’ condition and storage, causes of damage, risks, and solutions for controlling the environment, maintaining the collection and minimizing risks supplying you with a clear plan of action for preserving the artefacts in your care.

Mould and pest assessment, mitigation and remediation

Beginning with random surveying to identify the potential extent of a mould or pest infestation, to ‘triage assessments’ isolating affected materials, to mitigating the infestation in the artifacts and disinfecting the storage facility, our services provide peace of mind for the health and safety of cultural professionals and researchers, as well as, for the longevity of collections.

Exhibit and Display Assessment

Solving climate issues, minimizing light damage and mitigating pollutants while artifacts are on exhibit can be accomplished by adapting existing display case and spaces or designing custom enclosures. Professional advice saves money, time, and resources; and ensures the protection of collections on display while maintaining the ability to show off treasures.