Presentation Boxes & Folders

There is no better way to protect your treasures than by placing them inside a custom made, acid-free enclosure. Not only will it keep the dust and light off of the artifact, it will filter out pollutants, keep mould away, and buffer climate changes. Enclosures can be basic protection to elaborate cases that show off the artifact within.

Made of acid-free book board covered in bookcloth these boxes are durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Enclosures to hold multiple documents are custom designed to function like books while allowing the item to be easily removed.

A standard presentation folder provides protection while giving the artifact presence.

Custom designed mounts allow artifacts to be shown off, while still providing easy access.

These basic boxes and folders are less expensive, but still provide the same protection as any acid-free, archival enclosure.

A slip case is a great way to keep the dust off of books, provide protection, while still allowing easy viewing on the shelf.