“Thank you most sincerely for the outstanding job you did on my certificate. I am more than thrilled! – Malen Framing
M.Thompson, M.Thompson
We’ve received many positive comments from relatives and friends about the family bible that Ubbink Book and Paper Conservation so painstakingly restored. Instead of being hidden in a closet, the bible is now displayed where we can see and enjoy it every day. – Bob Irvine
Kyla’s expertise can be a life saver when art on paper needs restoration. It’s a rare talent that we appreciate when needed.”
Since 2008 I have entrusted Kyla Ubbink with dozens of vintage posters for preservation and repair, and I always have been delighted with the results. The posters Kyla has worked on for me are up to 90 years old and several have needed considerable repair and restoration. Kyla’s ability to restore damaged posters is particularly impressive. Indeed, I think of Kyla as a “miracle worker” and the key to preserving and increasing the value of my poster collection. – David Hopper, Collector, NY, USA
Kyla Ubbink’s work is truly amazing, we’ve had her do some repair and restoration work for the store, and the results were extremely impressive. I also highly recommend Kyla’s workshops. – Cornell Booksellers
I showed the book you restored, “Les Femmes Célèbres”, to all my family, and in fact all my sisters and my mother, were really impressed by how wonderful this book is now. My mum talked to us about how much this book meant to her, being given to her by my grandmother during the depression years when money was tight, and how it inspired her to work hard and also have her daughters get an education to succeed in life. It is a family treasure and we are really happy to have it as a usable book now. -Carole Dignard
Thanks so much for the wonderful job you did in restoring the Lessore painting. Both my husband and I are really impressed! Couldn’t believe the before/after photos. Thanks for the recommendations regarding the framing.- Nancy Carlson